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Climate Change isn’t just a headline. It’s not just a social cause. It’s a very real problem with dangerous consequences that affect us all. Climate change isn’t something we can prevent any longer—it’s here and its devastating. Our only course of action now is to fight back against the biggest threat to our existence as humans. We need a movement to overcome it.

Every movement starts with a cause and a few dedicated, passionate individuals who demand change. The cause is clear: Climate change. The people behind the movement to change it are people like you. Someone who believes in doing their part. Someone who wants to help. Someone who will take action.

To be successful, a movement needs a conduit—something to grow support, affect real change, and attack the heart of the problem. In the fight against our changing climate, 411CC is that conduit.

Left IconMost knowledge is in humans not in books or journals. We have to tap into that and put it into an economic framework to move this cause forwardRight Icon– Shawn R

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Make Climate Change Your Main Focus

411CC is an app dedicated to putting climate change front and center in your life. Our goal isn’t to spread the word—it’s hard not to know this is the issue of our lifetime! Instead, we’re taking a different approach to affecting change.Through our app, everything becomes about climate change. Every business you shop at. Every dollar you spend. Every person you connect with. Every news story you read. All of it relates to climate change and plays a role in the fight against it. You’re not just making climate change a priority in your life—you’re shaping your life around fighting it.

  • An events engine that makes it easy to get the word out about environmental events.
  • Up-to-date, real-time search results for environmental topics.
  • Monetize skillsets with bookable schedules to connect with eco-friendly customers
  • Stay current with timely, curated climate change news.
411CC is equal parts social media platform, marketplace and professional network, with a total focus on climate change. It includes life’s most important transactions, putting time, money and energy behind the all-important goal of reversing global warming.

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Connecting an Environmental Movement

There’s a world full of people who feel strongly about Climate Change. But they’re not always sure where to turn or what to do when they want to make a difference. 411CC aims to channel this demand for change into a larger movement that starts with the tap of an app.Our app was designed with connectivity in mind. Whether we’re connecting customer and business, friend to friend or a concerned citizen with a relevant news story, the goal is to put economic change top-of-mind. We make it easy, no matter how you choose to use the app. The most important feature of the app is a robust keyword tagging system. Everything can be tagged—profiles, business listings, meetings, news stories and anything else shared on the app.

Left IconThrough a robust in-App search engine, you’re able to find exactly what you’re looking for by topic, so you can learn, act and fight back against climate changeRight Icon – Greg S

Businesses & Nonprofits

The marketplace segment of 411CC puts money behind the movement—because money talks. We provide e-commerce tools you need to produce economic value.

  • Through this channel, buyers and sellers can exchange goods, services, information and more through simple transactions. Best of all, the economic benefits—every service on the App is climate-minded in some capacity.
  • Whether it’s a scientist sharing information with a journalist or a local craftsman connecting to a neighbor in need, 411CC brings people together in their shared focus on the environment.
  • Businesses get rewarded for their focus on the environment and customers get the satisfaction of knowing they’re backing a business that’s doing the right thing in the fight against Climate Change.
  • Anyone can become a seller, just like anyone can become a buyer. All you need is a passion for protecting the environment and a product, skill or service that’s in-demand.

Engage People

Remember, the most important part of any movement is the people driving it forward. That’s why 411CC puts tremendous emphasis on connecting Climate Change professionals.

  • A searchable events engine provides automated engagement, pairing people with Climate Change-related activities. Plus, LinkedIn integration helps distinguish you as someone who makes climate change a focal point in your personal life and professional career.
  • in-App, taggable profile helps you stand out when others are looking to connect with someone who shares their concerns.
  • Book appointments with local climate change experts, schedule a virtual meeting with a peer across the country, or scroll through public calls to action to see what you can do.

  • 411CC is full of opportunities to connect with others and start a movement—one that fights back against Climate Change.

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Understanding What Matters to the Movement

There’s a lot to talk about in the fight against climate change. Too many topics can leave the conversation feeling crowded. 411CC learns what’s most important to you and shows you exactly what you need to see to stay informed. The App’s improved data analytics track trends and refine marketing campaigns, ensuring every user is engaged by information and opportunities that matter most to them. A nearby climate change event. A special opportunity from a community business. A breaking new story about the environment. Based on your interests and actions, you’re always in-the-know and always ready to take action.

Ignite an Economic Movement to Overcome Climate Change

Every movement to create change starts and ends with people. But to have power, those people need a voice—and nothing talks louder than money. Instead of lobbying dollars or nonprofit donations, 411CC helps consumers make a statement with their money. Buying from climate-minded businesses. Connecting with climate change professionals. Spending money at climate change events. The more we integrate climate change into our lives and our purchasing habits, the bigger the movement becomes.

Make Climate Change A Focus

Stay up-to-date on news story, book time with a subject-matter expert, attend a climate event: 411CC empowers everyone, everywhere to make Climate Change a focus in their everyday lives.

Sign up today at and share the 411CCTM App with your friends. Together, we’ll take a real stand against Climate Change. Let’s Build an Economic Movement to Overcome Climate Change.SM

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